Cat 5 Cable

Shielded Cat 5 Cable

Shielded Cat 5 Cable To Protect From EMI

CAT 5 is a type of twisted pair cable facilitating high quality signal transmission. The cable consists of four pairs of twisted copper wires covered by an outer sheath or jacket and that is why they are called shielded, otherwise called unshielded. The shield may consist of some twisted wires, untwisted spiral copper tape or a conducting polymer tape. The basic function of the shield is to: * To prevent signal loss due to interference. * To prevent electromagnetic radiations to interfere with devices.

Shielded cables were designed mainly to withstand sources powerful enough to generate a field of Electromagnetic Interference, or EMI. EMI affects an ordinary CAT 5 cable's data transmitting ability. In modern day building structures, some very basic EMI sources are found very close to those shafts which carry power and communication lines. As a result of this omnipresence of EMI, the ability of conventional CAT 5 cable to carry data gets hampered.

Different type of lighting, generators and elevator motors within the building have the ability to produce some powerful EMI fields. The EMI can go through the cable very easily and hamper the transmission of data, thereby shutting down the communication system. If there is no shield on your CAT 5 patch cables, the EMI from may pass through the cable. When it is near a source of EMI, chances are that data transmission will suffer and network communication may collapse. Since it is not always possible to avoid data transmission cables from running close to such areas, it is better that we use shielded CAT5 cables. They would negate the possibility of when they are running near high voltage power cables. Due to the presence of such a blockage in the shielded CAT 5 cables, they facilitate secured and unaffected data transmission.

GeFen CAT5e is one such shielded CAT5e cable which is available in the market in various lengths. Gefen CAT5e cables are said to guarantee good video quality. But this is when they are used with Gefen CAT5 extension products only. In order to ground the shielded CAT5 cable, it is terminated into the RJ45 connectors.

HyperLink 10/100 Base-T Shielded CAT5 Lightning Surge Protector It provides protection against lightening to Ethernet networks. They are compatible with 10/100 Base-T devices and protects Ethernet data pairs. It also protects against EMI interference. The material cast aluminum and the Ethernet connector used is Shielded RJ45 Jack.It operates between a temperature -40C to +80C.